3 ways to get fresh eggs




How to get Cage free organic chicken eggs in our urban world.

backyard chicken eggs

Fresh cage free organic eggs (CFO) is not necessarily on the top of our grocery lists, especially because in the past they have been hard to find and ridiculously expensive.

We can find (hormonally altered) Jumbo AA eggs at Safeway for about $2.00 a dozen, while the CFO eggs can go up to $4.00 for a HALF dozen. With all the other groceries we have to buy, we have pushed fresh eggs down the priority list.

Buying farm fresh items can be pretty difficult in the urban world. Here are three ways to get cage free organic eggs without breaking the bank .

1. Local Grocery Store

You can buy organic cage free chickens eggs at your local grocery store such as Safeway or Lucky’s. The problem is since CFO eggs are a specialty item at their store the prices tend to be a bit higher.

You can find cage free organic eggs at Trader Joe’s at a much better price. These eggs are a staple item a their stores, meaning the price is able to come down. I purchased a dozen for about $4.00.

Being able to go to the store and pick up CFO eggs is very convenient in our urban busy lifestyle.

2. Farmers Market

In my urban town, we have a farmers market downtown every Sunday, rain or shine. Cage free organic eggs have been on the raise, so more and more venders are offering their CFO eggs.

With all the different vendors, most of them try to keep a competitive price. I have boughten a dozen of just $3.50. Not only do you get an awesome price, but some vendors even have pictures of their happy free chickens for you to see.

3. Chicken Coop

Now if you have a bit of room to share in your back yard, a mini chicken coop the way to go. There is nothing like having your very own CFO eggs that you go pick up every morning.

Now I know that you are thinking, but it is actually not a ton of work. There is not much more work to put in than you do in an average pet. But in this case you have amazing benefits!

A coop does not have to be big. Here are 10 chicken coops that can fit in an average urban home.

Small price for a huge advantage.

Here are my 5 egg makers!



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