5 things we compost that we should’nt

When we think of composting, we think all kitchen scraps… Wrong-o!
Here are 5 common mistakes.
1. Walnuts: These contain a natural aromatic compound that can be toxic to some plants called  jug lone. Crazy huh!
2. Bread and Pastas: It brings a ton of pests!
3. Dead plants: There is fungal and bacterial problems when it comes to dead plants.
4. Magazines: I know we need a layer of dry material when making compost but magazines are off limits.  The foils  in the magazines can’t  break down. You also don’t want a ton of printing chemicals in your compost.
5. Meat products: This may be an obvious one but I have seen people compost bones, fish and animal fats. This is a huge pest magnet. Avoid the trouble.
Hope this helps!

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