The dangers of washing your car at home




Washing you car at home is bad for your car AND for the environment.


Here are just a few ways washing your car at home can damage your investment…

– Soap can cut and strip paint

– Dirt can scratch paint off car while cleaning

– Rags and sponges can scratch car

– Cleaning supplies can harm wheels

If that’s still not a reason why you should switch to a car wash, here is how washing your car at home hurts the environment…

– When washing oils off the bottoms of your car, the chemicals then run down tour driveway to the gutters.

Here is a small list of particles found in our wastewater.

– Metals

– Copper from brake dust

– Zinc from tire wear

– Gasoline

– Diesel fuel

– Oil

– Grease

– Antifreeze.


Did you know…

80% of the water we use is filtered and reclaimed.

All final waste water flows to the sewer for treatment and processing before being released into the environment.

Do the right thing and take your car to a environmentally responsible car wash.



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