5 documenaries that will make you think about what you eat

Don’t always believe what the government tells you about your food.

Are you looking for a good documentary that will make you see food differently.

Here is a list of 5 awesome life changing films and the best part, they are all available on Netflix. Right Now!

1. Fat sick and nearly dead

If you believe that it is impossible to get off medications, this is the film for you.

2. Food Inc.

Want to find out what farmers have to deal with…. Watch this!

3. Hungry for a change

Are you sure you are eating real food? Think again.

4. Farmageddon

The stuff the government tries to hide from you.

5. Forks over knives

Is meat the only protein should have?

Take some time and watch these films.

Share and pass them along to your friends and family.


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