How to reuse rain water

Hello Urbanites!

I am sure you all have heard of Pinterest. I love using Pinterest to find more ways to become urban green.

Today’s topic… How to reuse rain water.

We can all benefit from using some saved up rain water, even if you don’t have a garden. I use my collected rain water for my tiny herb garden, washing my front porch and when possible, watering my grass.

Collecting rain water can be a quick do-it-yourself project or you can just go out and buy one. What ever floats your boat.

I have a Pinterest Board just for rain water barrel ideas, here are just a few!



Easy weekend project. Follow these instructions. Bonus if you can upcycle an old garbage bin laying around.



Buy a Bin.

This one is my favorite. So convenient with the water dispenser.












Get Creative 

As a star wars fan, this is awesome. 



See you on Pinterest urbanites!


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