Start Composting Today In A Urban Society

Hello Urbanites!

Compositing is much easier than we think. For those of us who don’t have a big back yard, composting is still an option for us.



1. Check your local waste management.

Before you go out and buy a new bin or composting system, check your local waste management and see if they pick up food scraps. It’s always good to know your county’s garbage programs so you can take full advantage of them. Some cities will provide you a small bin that you place outside for pick up every week, just like your trash and recycling bins. Minimizing your waste is a great step to converting your household green.

Of course if you want the benefits of composting yourself then this step is not for youImage2. Buy a composting kit. 

Urban Composter has a bin available that has a spout to disperse your tea.








If you want to take the next step and make your scraps into dirt. This is a great starter kit sold on Amazon. You also have the option of starting it by your self.

3. Find a composting system right for you. 

From different bins to different systems. Find a way to compost that is going to work for you.

4. Use your dirt!

If you are not using your own dirt for your own garden then put a craigslist ad out or even on freecycle. What a great way to build a green community.

Keep green Urbanites!



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