Things to take to the farmers market


For those of us who go to the farmers market, we know what works for us. For those of you who are new or are thinking of going to the farmers market, here are 5 things to bring.


1. Cash

Thank goodness for the nearby ATM. I always forger to have cash on me.

2. A tote bag



I ordered this Quirky bag today. I love all the different compartments.

3. Mesh holders



These mesh holders are so ideal. Put your produce in the bag, avoid the plastic bags and even use them to wash your produce in.

4. Comfortable shoes

Depending on your market, the walk can be pretty long. We walk to and from the farmers market so we bring a pair of nice comfy shoes.

5. Open mind


I always find new and exciting things at my local Farmers Market. Last week we bought an Emu egg and made a omelet out of it. Different but tasty. You Never know what you will find.

 6. A list

You can get carried away at the farmers market with all the different items. Make a list of the produce you need for the week ahead of time.

Buy Local Urbanites.


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