How a list can save you gas


We live in such a chaotic world, and at times we find ourselves going to the store twice in one day. Going downtown multiple times wasting gas on so many unnecessary trips.

Well I can solve that problem. It’s simple. Make a list.


I personally don’t like to have pieces of paper all over the house. I tend to lose the note and end up having to re write the list. I own a moleskine pocket notebook. Fits right in my bag and I am able to look back at all the stuff I have already done in the past.



If you are not a notebook type person, go greener and just use the hub app.



This app allows you to make all types of lists and you can share the app with your family. If  your husband or sister is going to the store already they can pick up whatever you need from the store during their trip, saving you gas and time.

Plan ahead urbanities.




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